januar 2009

Im not dead

Im not dead-I just have a life. Lol no actually havent had internet for weeks because of unpaid bills. When we finally got it back my laptop blew up. So I have to buy a new one. Lately lots have ha...

Life and death

My plan went just like expected, woke up late=) Today we had neonatology and it was very different. The smallest newborn we sawwas 460 grams and was born in week 23 (normal 42). It was tiny. Its s...

Back to school

well, so vacation is over for now. The brutal truth is that tomorrow school starts. Today I have been extremly productive. Slept til 1,30pm and then read patho for about 45 minutes before I went to...

Last nite

Saw the movie "yes man" havent laughed that much in a long time=)


Today I made tigershrimps marinated in a sauce made from : +half an orange+fresh garlic+extra vigin olive oil with taste of truffles+charlotte onions (smallest and finest onions)+fresh chili+grass ...

Shopping with TINA

Okay so its like this, I live in warsaw (suprise!). I dont have a car(suprise again!), and i live next to a big shopping mall. In poland one cannot drink the tap water. This means endless trips to ...

Back to wawa life

I am back in warsaw, and i am sick. Well now i am getting better, but i have been really sick,hence little blogging. Great start on the new year. However one specialperson made me feel better.Th...


22, Oslo

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