A little to relaxed now

Been in bed the whole day with cramps (that time of the month) NOT FUN!! i get so sick that im laying in bed crying, running to the bathroom to throw up every minute, callig my mom to get her to feel sorry for me. Now 6 tablets of ibuprofen and 2 tablets of paracet later i feel OK. Maybe a little to ok because now im really relaxed, which is not good before the exam, maybe coofee? Something tells me i need stronger medicine also. I was told that the pain will not go away until i get my first baby. Hmmmm. Well somthing to look into=)
Good timing with the micro and all. Just made a chicken salad, and bought 3 choclates, 1 bag of chips and 1 ice cream. Im ready for an all nighter. Gotta do that now that i spent the whole day in bed. BTW passed that shit exam i had yesterday, which kinda is a good thing. Now hello house and food. Me like

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