everyone`s at it

12 hours of sleep, 2 cups of coffee, an omelette and a blueberry smoothie. Now im looking at apartments. I wish i was less picky. Think im going to go and look at one later today,will see. I found one apartment that i really liked, but when i called it was taken. I hate looking for apartments in this country, because 90 % of the people dont speak english, and when i call they just hung up on me. Rude. Well well now im going to read acid base balance for pathophysiology. Cant wait.

When i read i have to listen to music. I think i learn better when i have music on, maybe it stimulates the brain, so that I remember better.(or not) Or maybe i just get bored and give up if i dont have music, Weird. Right now im Lilly Allens song "everyons at it" that is on repeat. Love the lyrics

Ant this version of "ayo technology"

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