01.57 is the time and my eyes are wide upen. Caffein is the word. I am such a nite person, can stay up all night and read and then sleep till 12 the next day. Tooday I managed to borrow 100 zloty to go and buy some food (cause my credit card has gone schizo!!).Hopefulle i will survive some days on this food, until my new card gets here. Maybe my credit card wants me to go on a diet! Cause it workes in all the non-food stores. Weird. More money for clothes, less for building up the stores of adipose tissue.
Well ima read the last chapter now, before i hit the bed. BTW I so wanna buy an apartment here; Zlota 44, but is not ready until 2010...
But they are le nice, and in the building there is a pool, lounge(yeah) suntanning area, gym, 24 hours service. Me LIKE!! !However the prices are a bit

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