Me heart Kanye

Is it saturday today, i dont even know? messed up in the days when its exam period. Right now im laying in bed watching family guy and eating chips and chocolate. Read a bit today, however not enough.. Dont know how the exam is gonna go on wednesday, I have not been on top this year. Hopefully ill come back stronger next year. I am the master of doing everything else than studying. Even cleaning is more fun than reading. Shot. Been listening to Kanyes album 808 and heartbreak. I love his music and he is so talented. Love the mood of his newest album,it so honest, which probably reflects the fact that he lost his mother about a year ago and broke up with his fiancee.

here is a picture of his current girlfriend. Hello rebound! She is a former stripper and nude model. What is he doing with her??

My favorite song right now is "bad news"

Sleep tight

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