World Press 2009

Here are some pictures I took while borrowing a Canon system cam a while a go. This was my first try with one, so be nice=)It is hard to focus on lighting, iso, flash, zoom, basically eveything at the same time. SO much that have to match for the picture to be good. I have so much to learn! Gonna buy one very soon! I took pictures when i was in paris a month ago with it also, so willl post some of them soon too. BTW: World Press Photography exhibition is coming up 8th of june in warsaw! Those photos are breathtaking!

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Nathalies farefulle verden

03.jun.2009 kl.17:14

Kult det der i kirken:) men er det lov ta bilder der inne? ser at du ikke har tatt med mannen.. men snn ellers.. :o

03.jun.2009 kl.17:18

hmm vet ikke jeg.hehe uansett er det jo i polen s m noen blir sinte s later jeg bare som at ejg ikke forstr noe... og nr man ikke bruker flash hrer man ikke at man tar bilde=)

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