Okay so Im back again. Felt the urge to write smething not exam related. So blogging is I guess a good substitute. Today Iv been at school, then shopping way way. Now i need to read patho, since the exam is in less than a week. Scary!

I had btw a retake in lab microbiology yesterday, well whenever I was waiting to be examied (the professor was examining another student), I had all these agar plates and diagnostic tubes with different fluids with bacterias ect. Of course ass the moron I am I manage to spill out one of the tests on me, the fluid was everywhere!. As best I could i tried to cover it up as fast as possible and hide all evidence. I must have looked like an idiot, hope what was in there was not toxic..hopefully no MRSA or Hepatitis B....Well thank God i passed the test and I got out of there as fast a s possible.

Plan of the week:
+study like a maniac
+eat less, starting to look like a whale
+shop less, my bank account is slowly getting slimmer
+work out....oh yeah like thats gonna happen

question of the day
how do you eat less and still stay happy?

I am addictd to junk and candy, and if i dont get it i get, cause when i first decide to go on a diet, I last for a day.... Gastric restriction surgery anyone??? hmmm

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