Life and death

My plan went just like expected, woke up late=)
Today we had neonatology and it was very different. The smallest newborn we sawwas 460 grams and was born in week 23 (normal 42). It was tiny. Its strange how the lines between death and life are so slim. This summer when i worked in norway, i was witness to a lot of abortions. In norway the rule is that abortions are legal before week 12, but after that you can apply. One women was pregnant with twins, but she only wanted to have one so she wanted to get an abortion.And after week 12, the abortion is not performedsugically.The women actually gives bith to the fetus. First given medications to cut off fetal blood supply, then medicantions to start uterine contractions.She was inweek 20. Week 20 is big. And there was nothing wrong with the fetuses. Of course I am not the one to judge, all I am saying is that week 20 and week 23 is not that different. And who is the one to decide where the line goes-between life and death?


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