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Okay so its like this, I live in warsaw (suprise!). I dont have a car(suprise again!), and i live next to a big shopping mall. In poland one cannot drink the tap water. This means endless trips to the supermarked to buy water that is heavy to carryfor little me. If i buy one water i can forget about buying anything else, cause thats about all i can carry. And taxis wont go to my apartment building cause it is to close (like 500 meters). So today I took the whole cart with me, loaded it with 8 bottles of 5 liters water and 10 liters of juice + food. And walked the distance to my apartment. smart girl!Now i have a shopping cart on my balcony (emilie you will see it soon=)) mohhaa.
So today i saved my back, and i drove the cart right into the kitchen infront of the refridgerator. Omg i am againg proving my extreme intelligence.
gym 484
gym 483

And I bought these shoes:
gym 487gym 485
And these:

gym 495
And this one from la senza:
gym 477


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04.jan.2009 kl.18:02

Haha smart! i love the black shoes:)


04.jan.2009 kl.22:26

You can buy water filter in Warsaw. Keyword: Brita :)


05.jan.2009 kl.01:10

yes i know, i had it before. But i heard in microbiology class that they are not that good(dont make it clean enough) so I went back to buying water...but thanks anyway=)

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