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I am back in warsaw, and i am sick. Well now i am getting better, but i have been really sick,hence little blogging.
Great start on the new year. However one specialperson made me feel better.The last couple of days have been spent in bed, on the sofa, under the blanket, with candy and food, cough drops, cough syrup, ibuprofen,paracet, c vitamins and so on. I give myself until tomorrow to get well, then i will hit the gym. I am not sure when school starts, but i have been a good girl this christmas, worked a lot at the hospital (every day except for the 24) and since there wasnt 2 many patients i read micro. Good girl.
Now im gonna watch sex n the city and drink more tea.
And by the way; what sucks the most about being sick is that food doesnt taste anything. I can only feel the texture of the food. And for the food monster i am, this is not acceptable.

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