The sickest person in the world

Woke up extremly sick today. And when I am sick i am the sickest person in the world. I am pretty sure I have MRSA, tuberculosis, scarlet fever andall otherillnesses you can get. So I made a vitamin bomb breakfast consisting of grapes, kiwi, oranges, hot tea with lots of honey and ginger. And i am fed up of all the x mas food that is everywhere. I want healthy non fat food. Yesterday was my last day at work, so nice, no more work until the summer now. Okay now im gonna go nd pack myself into 10 layers of blankets and feel sorry for myself. I hope i feel better soon cause I have to go shopping later.Shopping goes before health, hell yeah
Kisses sick TINA

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29.des.2008 kl.14:00

Lyst p en god latter?

Ta en kikk p innlegget "Latterkrampe p vei... lesernes egne erfaringer!" da vel! ;D

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