Do you have a baby in your stomach?

Prettyamazing day today, was suppost to be at work at 3 but they called me and told me i didnt have to come cause there wasnt a lot of patients. Good thing is that i still get paid=) A quite good deal if you ask me. I even dont have to come in tomorrow before 12 (normally 7) and then i work until 11. So today iv been in oslo with a friend and ate lunch and dinner + alot of gossiping. Then home to hang wth the family.Yesterday when i was on my way home from work, it was so freezing cold that i promised myself never to move back to such a cold country, such as norway. I mean why struggle to survive in this blistering cold here, when one can live in a place where the sun never goes down? Now its only a couple of day left of x mas, something i think is pretty good, cause i simply cannot eat anymore food, candy, cakes and so on. It is everywhere i go, im pretty ure i gained at least 5 kg this week. Yesterday my baby sis, age 5 asked "do you have a baby in your stomach?" So i guess that is a good hint of what to do, stop eating.
Now im off to bed
ciao kisss TINA

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bogdan ciszek aka krzysiu

28.des.2008 kl.04:41

i love u...

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