Working girl

Yea, now iv been at work since 3 pm yesterday, gonna work till 11pm. Wii little tired but its all good, not a lot of patients now that it is x mas. I guess people dont wanna spend the holidays at the hospital. Yesterday I woke up early, and then went x mas gift shopping with my good friend Linda: I even found two really sexy dresses that im gonna wear for new years. Me like=) Shopping in Norway is something that iv missed, so yesterday my credit card was burning up lol. Then i took the bus up to the hospital, and iv been here since. Whenever i was leaving to norway on sunday the plane was dealyed for 2 hours because of a bomb evacuation. Somebody left to suitcases and they had to blow them up, just in case they were filled with something dangeraous. Heard a big bang!
Okay better get back to screaming babies lol, no its actually not that much to do
Have a nice "the day before the big day" !

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