Soon in Norway

Presents for my sisters; pink sweaters and nailpolish. The twins will get the same one cause otherwise there will be fighting. And the one with the bow is for Emma. Cant wait to see my sweethearts again!
And then I made tacos, all by myself and watched Sex and the City mmmm.

Today I have been at the hair dresser and got myself all nice for x mas. Then i went to buy some presents, have stillsome left but its nice to be done with some since the only time I will have for shopping will be on monday before 3 pm, cause then i start work and I dont finish until 11pm on the 23rd. So will be some chaotic days coming up! Tomorrow Im leaving, will be so nice. Luckily the plane is not before 3pm so I got time for

+cleaning the apartment
+going tanning

But somehow I know I will be late, thats just the way I am, I do everything in the last second. But I will try not to miss the plane, like my friend Sara did today, she overslept!! Can you believe that, but that might as well have been me

Sleep tight all of you, will probably be a long nite for me=)
Kissses Tina----that is soon in Norway!

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21.des.2008 kl.00:20

S ste genserer:)

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