lets dance around naked

Okay, so today I did not do much of what i planned. Stayed in bed till late, watched sex and the city and ordered pizza. I am gonna end up as a pig soon. I promise. I talked to my boss at the hospital in norway and of course said yes to working to much during christmas, just because I have a problem to say no. I even said yes to working from 7,30 till 22,30 on the 23rd, is that even legal? hmmm well good thing isI love my job there(gynecology and pediatrics where all thenewborn babies are). This summer I almost kidnapped a couple, but stopped myself just in time, when i cameto thinkof the fact that i live in poland. But im telling you they are so cute, andthe mother instinct that I didnt know I had,really comes out when im there.
Good thing about working, is that there will be cash so that I can buy a mac book air(mmm)and throw this piece of crap out of the window. It is so virus infected it will probably blow up any minute. So watch out. Tomorrow I have an exam, which I of course did not study all to much for, again. What is wrong with me? Well maybe going to norway wil make it all better. Saturday im going to the hair salon to make myself pretty again, which is needed now, from all the pizza, cofee, no work out lifestyle. Im leaving on sunday, which means that I am gonna be all alone here from saturday till sunday pretty scary! Think I will use the occation to dance around naked or hmmm...lol
Kisses TINA

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18.des.2008 kl.18:15

Hei! Vet du hvorfor man br styre unna gratispepperkaker? ;)

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