Im sitting and reading pathology and about how the virus HPV-human pappiloma virusthat leads to cervical cancer. I think that this is quite important topic, but howewer I have a feeling that not that much girl knows about what it is and how one can get it. And of course the great dangers of it. When I worked this summer in the gynocology department, I was suprised about how many people there is that suffers from cervical cancer. I was also suprised about how many young girls there was that came in for abortions. One girl was 14 and was in for her third abortion. This is insane and at the same time very sad. And as one of the causes for getting HPV, is early sexual debut, and many sexual partners, this makes me feel even more sorry for these young girls.

First of all itHPV issexually transmitted,it is very common virus, actually the most commen STD. It is estimated that around 80% og women are contaminated during their life span. However there are many subtypes of HPV, and 70% of all cervical cancers are caused by number 16 and 18. Luckily there are good ways of avoiding HPV, most important is having safe sex (condom) and of course having yearly pap smears at the gynecologist. So that if there is detected any abnormalities in the cells, treatment can be started before it gets invasive. The pap smear is just a swab of the cells of the cervix.

The new vaccine that came out about a year ago has shown good results, but expensive. As the hypochondriac I am, of course I had to get it (it is 3 shots that you get during half a year). However I am suprised that many gynocologist dont reccomend girls that has had sex, to get the vaccine. I mean I understand that it is not for women after 30, that has had many sexual partners. But for young girls, with few sexual partners I dont understand why they should not. I mean thereare so many subtypes of HPV (appx 250), and what is the chance that you are both infected with 16 or 18 if you are yound and you have practiced safe sex?

However most important is to get the yearly pap smear, it can be a life saver
Be safe!

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17.des.2008 kl.18:22

sv: Nr 1 er det riktige :) Fikk s og si annegradsforbrenning siden huden skollet av .. :/

Gro Grndahl

17.des.2008 kl.23:10

Wow! Hres s spennende ut! Gr all undervisningen p engelsk? M man ha veldig gode karakterer for komme inn? Gr det an kjpe seg inn?
Sorry at jeg braser ut med sprsmlene, men jeg er s gira! Har blitt s utrolig interessert i medisin siden jeg selv har ligget 6 mnd p Rikshospitalet.. :)

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