Laying here in bed, thinking, with my earplugs in to stay sound proof of the nabours havingloud sex, again... Just watched family guy and drank glgg. Its late but my rhytm is messed up. I finshed the book i wrote about yesterday, was really good. Im thinking about what to start on next. I love books, its my way of intellectual stimuli in this city where somepeople are mostly concerned with what they are drinking next weekend and about gossiping about who did what with who last friday. Im not saying its wrong, I mean people live like they want, but for me it gets boring after a while. Just reading medicine and partying. But dont get me wrong, I had a blast this weekend, drinking games with the girls at the preparty, sparkeling wine in the bathroom at tortillla ( one girl brought it there lol), dancing on the stage at tortilla,drinks and so on.

But sometimes I just urge for new stimuli. I think its essentialfor every human beingto have something that one is passionate about, that makes one feel alive. and i think that the mistake some of us does is that we go into routine and become predictable.

You know when you have that discussion that really upsets you, or when you laugh so hard your stomack twist, or when you eat something that makes you go mmmm, when you get that hug from someone that really cares, when you see a movie that is so sad, you cant hold back your tears or whenever youare so angry you just want to hit somebody or whenever you do something for another person that really appreciate it.
The situations dont always have to be good, cause life isnt always good, but that is natural, one need bad in order to appreciate good., they dont always have to make you happy, they can be hearbreaking, just that you are feeling something, so real, so physically on your body and so mentally that you feel alive.Its the situations that makes you feel alive.And I think that a lot of us just needs to start living a little more. Smile more, be more sincere, more honest, do stuff that makes you happy, that makes you feel alive. Even if it is eating that chocolate or turning the music up and dancing around your apartment, calling that someone special to tell them how you feel. It really doesnt matter, just as long as you feel that you are alive.

Here are the books im gonna start reading, dont know which one first though... Anyone have a tip of a good book to read? By the way, I cansee that i have alot of readers on the blog, but you guys dont comment that much, please give me feedback of what you want me to write about, or in general what you think, both good and bad=)

Havea good night.. =) And im sorry for the complaining, think I just need a break from wawa...good thing its soon x mas...

gym 359
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Me posing in the kitchen for the paparazzi emilie
gym 358
And i sneak photograph emilie... when she is doing her usual "the grudge/black metal dude look"
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Milla ^o^

16.des.2008 kl.18:49

I like your blog :) Very much ^^
Or.. I only read this "note" but, yeah.
I would appreciate, SO MUCH, if you visited my blog(:

//Milla Sophie


16.des.2008 kl.22:42

Thank you=) I will check it outt!
Kisses TINA

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