I just started reading a new book from my favorite author Paulo Coelho "Brida". Its about this girl that is struggeling to find a balanse between her desire to transform herself and finding a person that she can be herself with.
In the book they were talking about a theory that i found interesting. It was that whenever a person die, his/her soul is divided in two. and the twosouls are reborn. And what we as human beings are looking for whenever we search for our soulmate, is the search for that other soul, to makeus whole again. But on the way we meet souls that are similar to our soulmate. It can confuse us, and mislead us, but one should never give up looking for that one person that makes us whole.

"But how will I know who my soulmate is? By taking risks, she said. By risking failure, dissapointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end"

Now im ging to go for a run, get some fresh air and clear my head. Hope you all are having a nice sunday. =)
Ciao kisses TINA

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15.des.2008 kl.04:11

I've been looking for some blog in swedish because I'm studying swedish language, not norwegian. And I have come here... We travel the same streets and underground:) I'm surprised a little. Ha det bra i Warszawa i alla fall.


15.des.2008 kl.16:10

yes i live in warsaw, study medicine here. So you live here or in sweden? And what are u suprised about?
Have a nice day=)


15.des.2008 kl.16:36

I'm surprised because I haven't expected that somebody from Scandinavia study here. Nice. I'm a Pole and I'm studying in Warsaw including swedish philology. I have a little introduction to norsk (60 h) next year. Milego dnia (greetings in polish) =]

Milla ^o^

16.des.2008 kl.18:52

That book sounds interesting :)

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