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Okay so this day is coming to an end. Was not all that special. But one posive thing was there; i passed the micro test. Which in my opinion I did not deserve, because i did not study all to much. I did what i do best, avoid reading to much before its only 2 days left, then get so stressed that there is no other option than to give up and watch the hills till 4 in the morning. Really I need to start stepping up and taking this seriously, I mean if i wanna do this. Its not that its not interesting, because it is, it is not that im lazy (i am, but its not an excuse), the sole reason is that there is to much going on in my head.

+I want you to see me, not whenever everything is good, but i want you to see me when im down, and hold my hand. I want you to see that i am trying, and appreciate it. I want to feel like im notrunning in circles. I want you to know that I am here, for you. That i am not trying to hurt you, that i actually sincerly care for you. I want you to know that i am not going anywhere, but whenever you keep pushing me away, I am slowly fading away. The tears that used to be there, are no longer there, but its not because im not sad, or because i dont care, its only because iv been there so many times that there is nothing to feel. Just numb.+

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