What I need to do...

I always sayim gonna do so much, but i never end up doing anything. Well after tomorrow, I will have plenty of time for fun: As from wednesday morning I am gonna put the alarm on 8, every day from now on. Its so hard to keep up a routine now thatI dont have any school, so I end up doing nothing, which kinda sucks.

+go to the hairdresser
+dentist- bleaching of the teeth; its really time now
+work out, every day! i havent used the stupid gym membership for over a month! Maybe I should go in the mornings, before breakfast?
+go tanning ( im so white now)
+get a facial, a massage....mmmmm spa me!
+clean up my room, and rest of apartment.
+stop eating pizza every day
+try notto not stay in bed all day watching tv, cause im to lazy to get out.

Think im gonna plan a whole beauty regime day, this week. Just to pamper myself, would be nice=)
I just wish somebody could hand me a credit card to borrow for a day, would have been so convenient!
What do you do to feel good?

Last w end, I started wearing extensions clip ons, which actually looks kinda hot if one doesnt touch the hair to much and dont tell everybody its fake. Myproblem is that when i get drunk, i feel that i have to tell everybody everything. I dont know why, but somehow i always manage to be so damnstraightfarward. I think its impossible for me to be serious.Like for example at tortilla on saturday, when i was about to go home, was waiting for my take away to get ready, a guy asks me so what do you study, which year are you in ( and I come with my favorite practical joke to test the other persons iq). I say well im on the 8th year of the nursing program. The guy is like "ok, I am in...." Im like : are you stupid ? 8th year nurse? I didnt say that, i just walked away, but its funny how people either A. dont listen when you tell them something or B.they are just to stupid to understand ur reply.
Whatever it might be im out, gotta hit the espresso before my brain cells all fall asleep or die of boredom.
cheerio mi amigos!!

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