To be

I want to take a breath, and I want for the world to stop spinning for a second, so that I could catch up, to think clearly, to just be. I try so hard to be the person I think that you want me to be, butit is not enough.What I say, comes out the wrong way, and ultimately, I am in a certain way.I want something to work out so bad, I have these expectation, I want it all to be flawess, to run smoothly, problemfree.Ultimate happiness. And then when it doesnt, the fall is sodeep.I become so fragile.I have this vision of how it all should be, but then when the picture falls apart, breaks, i dont understand what went wrong. Where do I go from here, how do one pick up the pieces and continue. And when did it all become so difficult? Where did all the fun go, why cant we just laugh?When am I gonna learn that life cant always be the way I want it to be, and when am I gonna stop punishing myself when it all goes wrong? We are all our own worst critics, but sometimes we just need a break, a pause from it all to just see what is really going on, to see it all clearly. I just want for a second to get off this mary go round called life, to just be. Just know that I am trying my best...
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05.des.2008 kl.19:17

Lt nstan som om det skulle vara texten p en sng =)

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