PMS, bad karma, and cold libraries

I am suffering fro PMS, bad karmaand I am soo angry right now, well when I first arrived here at the library I was even more angry. Now I have been counting to 10 for the past couple of hours. The reasn is that; i woke up late like 13, then relaxed a thome, and at 16 finally left home to go to the library. But first i wanted to stop somewhere to by a new headset for my iphone, cause the old one that came with the iphone is trashed. So first i go to store number 1: and ask do u have headsets for mp3/iphone. The guy is like nooooooooo. then it takes me 1 min to find that they have about 200 of them. So i take one to show this mongo, and his like " ehh ohh yes we have". I am already to mad to stay one more second in that store. So on to store number 2: here im about to buy one, but then im like "hmm maybe i should check if it fits for my iphone". The guy is like "of course this fits".. well i manage to talk him into opening it before i buy it. Turns out it doesnt fit, and none of the others do either. And i cant buythe original iphone headset either, cause they dont sell it in poland, not even at the apple store. Why does apple have to make the stupid iphone so that it only fits apples headset, stupid stupid. At the same time, i was so hungry, it was hot and no I have to study without music, which truely sucks. I get bored after just 5 minutes. I have never tried studying without listening to music, so have no idea how this gonna go. And now its getting cold here to, I think ima go home and make indian and watch gossip g. Then come back here at 9 tmow=) Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...or somebod will have to come and save me! OMG now the speaker system at the library hear just said something ugly in polish, i guess it means there closing so i better get out of here

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