How to score points with a lady..according to me

+ask questions and listen to her answer carefully, even if its something you find totally irrelevant. Later one day if you ask her somthing that makes her understand that you really listened to what she said, you will get 10 more points.
+give compliments ( but try to make it more special than "like your shirt", something like " I like the way yor hair looks to day" is more personal AKA more points
+dont critizise her (never)
+dont talk about other women (especially not the ex factor)
+gentleman skills
+make her dinner (totally melts my heart)
+find out what is her passion, what is important to her, and use it in your favor.
+small gifts (dont need to cost antthing, thought that counts)
+make her feel beautiful in bed
+tell her why she is amazing, not just that she is (because that she already knows) but if you tell her why, she will worship you
+take care of her when she is sick/feels bad....(shows that you can protect her from the big ugly world out there)
+when you show the wold she is your world

Today willl be the same as yesterday, studying stdying...going back to the library now. Cant believe that its already three o clock and I havent even started my day yet. Gotta change my whole rutine soon. Today ima make indian food for dinner. Went to an indian store yesterday and bought spices and indian bread, so all I need now is yogurt naturelland chicken, and then it will be indian for dinner. Tomorrow im gonna make tortellini with gorgonzola sauceand roasted walnuts, gonna try this new recepite I found.Sounds good?
I am a food monster, I know.
Have a nice day!

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