Does one need to play games to make a relationship work?

Men and women are very different in the way they act when in a relatinship. We need different things, appreciate different things ect.
I had a lunch date with two good friends today, one guy and a girl and I asked them the question
" what does one really look for in a realationship?
The answers from the guy and girl were suprisingly different. And that made me think of why there are so much problems in realtionships; because we dont really know what the other person wants. And as the stupid human beings we are, we begin to play games, in order to get what we want, or make the other person understand what we want.
But does it work?
Should one play games, is it neseccary, or does it ruin a relationship? I mean the dream scenario is of course when one can be in complemte symphony with ones partnes, and there is no need for games. But in my experienc, this does not come around so often.

What a girl wants:(according to my friend)
+ a guy that adores her
+ a guy that is proud to show her to the world (e.g:his guy friends)
+ a guy that does things for her, without being told to do so
+a romantic guy
+ a guy that showsher, sheis his "everything"

What a guy wants: (according to the other friend)
+a girl that wantsto bewith him, but does not act as if it isthe mostimportant thing for her.
-----what I think he means here, is that the guy wants a girl, that has her one life but its okay to have the guy there too. But she should not show too much of her emotions....

Well my conclusion here must be; how could you for example match this girl and the guy without causing problems. She wants a guy that adores her and he wants a girl that acts as if she doesnt need him. And without playing games, how could a relationship like this survive. There could be 2 scenarioes:

A. the guy tries to act more emotional, and more romantic than he really is, in order to please her. And the girl tries to keep her distance to him, in order to be more attractive

Not playing games
B. the guy is himself, and the girl gets dissapointed because he doesnt show enough emotions; AKA; he doesnt love her that much. The girl shows all her emotions, calls him when she feels like it, tells him how much she cares.

Well, what can one say about this? I mean i painted it very black and white, but my conclusion would be that it is very hard to be in a realationship without playing games. Havent we all been in the situation where wehave tried to play a bit hard to get in order to get the guy/girl more interested? And in 99% of the cases this workes; the guy/girl will show more interest. I guess we get bored when things come to easy. What do you think, is games needed in a relationship?

Now I am going to drink some wine, listen to some music and get ready to go out for a fun night out=)
Have a super nice saturday=)

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