Far from perfect

On my way into the library, wearing my sweatpants and big scarf, I looked around just to see polish girls wearing thight pants and high heels, with perfect make up, looking like they were on their way to a hot date. Why i it so that in this world that we are living in, everyone has to be so perfect?

We, as girls are suppost to be beautiful, smart, always be nicely dressed, perfect make up, the perfect girl friend, the perfect friend, work out at least 3 times a week, study hard, be thin and fit, have a great sexlife.. And at the end of the day we are suppost to have timeto pamper ourself. In reality, does this work? Are we as perfect as we seem or is it just a fasade. How does it really go around, I even find it difficult from time to time to to make time for something as simple as shaving my legs.

Situations that show im far from perfect:

-I lay on the sofa for 5 hours watching gossip girl, and sex n the city..when im suppost to be at school..
-I eat breakfast at subway, dinner at mcdonalds, and even after that i can manageto eat an oreo cake, a choclate bar, a bag of lays chips and candy..without feeling guilty
-I dont work out for 3 weeks..and still I dont feel bad about it..
-Iam suppost to study for a test but end up reading gossip online instead
-Thenailpolish on my fingernailsis 2 weeks old, and it looks like a cat attackedmynails..but still it doeasnt bother me enough to do anything about it
-My hair is not as glossy and shiny as it is suppost to be, but im okay with it
-I havent had time to go to the food store for a week, so there is no water at home....
-I always say I will do something, but either I end up forgetting about it or im just to lazy to actually do it..
-I love it when i can eat a double portion of chicken wings and drink two bloody marys...and I dont think about how much weight I will gain..- a perfect girl would probably grab a sallad
-I cry whenever I watch greys anatomy or any movie that is not a comedy(sometimes I cry then too)or see a cute baby..and im not ashamed of it
-I can go and buy fancy food (oysters, expensive cheese, wine etc) for 300 zl and not care. Because i love food..and I dont feel guilty about it. What I hate the most is when girls cant eat this and cant it that....diet is bullshit...hehe I can admit that i try it from time to time, but in general it doesnt last longer than 24 hours...
-If im sad I go shopping and can burn off 500zl on make up and perfumes and it actually helpes..I get happy and im not afraid to admit it..
-If i get really mad, I can break things and swear a lot...- a perfect girl would probably keep calm
-I can stay up till 5 am on a school night, watching series....and not feel stressed

Maybe I am just careless or maybe lazy, but I am actually proud that I am not perfect, or trying to be. Flaws are good. And the struggle to be perfect is just to difficult to keep up with.
I think we all from time to time need to show the people arond us, that we are not as perfect as we seem.

Kisses from the not so perfect TINA
christina 014

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