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Now I have just had my morning cappucino, made entirely from scratch with my nespresso machine and milk steamer. Some luxury to cheer up an otherwise grey mornig. Well i guess it is not really morning after 12, but oh well. I have been extremly lazy last couple of months, so maybe today is the day to start going to the library and being a better person. Oh well it doesnt seem all too tempting to go outside, its actually minus degrees here in warsaw now. But first before I move an inch, i will watch som Ugly Betty. Tomorrow Im going to ikea, and i will make sure to bring home some liters of Glgg.
Hope you all are having a lovely day, and that it is not to that cold where you at. Scarf up! Thats whatI will do if I leave my sweet home to go to the dark and fearful library=)

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27.nov.2008 kl.12:11

Jeg elsker store skjerf!
I dag har jeg paa to hehe :p

M. Cooper

27.nov.2008 kl.12:15

herlig med store skjerf og selvflgelig oversized jakke <3

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