"Enlarge my boobs", according to the japanese

I just came over an article, while reading my daily gossip about cakes that the japanese are produsing that are supp to make your breasts become size F (in japan it equals a double D) They are even selling chewing gums, creams, sprays and more. They are using an ingredient called Puraria, which i have no clue what is, ut supposedly thay make your boos enormous. If you are interested, I can inform you that the cookies come in choclate, banana and even soy milk flavour. Hmmm i wonder which one im gonna pick....lol. Well at the bottom of thir page it says that if you have any medical condition, what so ever you should not consume this cookies, and especially if you have a condition involving the female rep system. This is probably because all the toxins willl totally screw your body up, and if your not completly heathy before you start eating them, you will most likely die.
Anyone interested, its just a click away; www.f-cup-cake.com
And what is for me, i think ima stay au naturell for this time....

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