Karma is a bicth

Today I went2 buy chicken wings and when i was paying the taxi driver when i was heading home, i had to hit the bankomat. I put my card inside and nothing happens, the machine just eats the card.(what i realizes afterwards is that it is not a bankomat, but a place where you insert cash into ur account, but i mean still its not suppost to eat the card...)Holy s...you can imagine how mad I was!! So i called the support number, and told them they needed to come down and get my card out. All he sayd was: Im sorry miss but since u are not a client in our bank, I cannot help you. Goooooooood! So i had to leave my precious credid card and go home, buhu now there will be no speending of money 4 at least a week ntil I get a new one. What can i possbly have done to deserve this; I thought I was in a good karma period right now? Whats gonna happen next? A green big monster is gonna come and eat me 2? Maybe it should, then we can all be happy

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