Peach baby

Oh finally home on the sofa, after a day that startet at 7. Had clinics in the mornig, with an exam. Had to interview my own patient and try to diagnose him. which was both scary and weird but came to the conclusion that he had pneumonia.(lungebetenelse) got the grade 4 out of 5 so pretty happy with that. Right after that I headed home to get two intensive hours of studying before the exam in pathomorphology, which also went well, not a good grade but i passed so thats all that matters, got the results 2 hours after the test.
Then the fun part of the day came, SHOPPING n EATING, i even had a drink (mohijto). Didnt buy anything but found this supercute peach colored dress that i want, a mac book air (lol) and a purse. So tomorrow after working out, im gonna shop til i drop. Now i am planning on spending the rest of the evening in front of the tv with chips and dip, chocolate, takeaway, candy, and greys anatomy and several movies.
And btw iv been looking at dogs lately, i am trying to choose between these two (see pict under) what do u guys think?
Hope you all will have s super nice evening, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I really want to go out and party tonight, but i dont think my legs can hold me up for a second longer. So it will wait till tomorrow=)

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And then option one in the dog buying project:
And option 2:
Its a pretty hard choice so I need your help, please! isnt he just adorable!!(lol)

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