Can somebody please send me inspiration to study patho? Cause mine seems to be lost somewhere...

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when i came home from the hospital today, i slept for 2 hours and i had the freakiest dream ever. Emelie had painted out hall between our rooms blue and hung up pictures of jesus, she also had turned it into a walk in closed, so I could barely pass to go to the bathroom. Whenever I saw it, she said, wait there is more, go to the livingroom. I was like ohh no what did she do now, then when i entered the living room she had removed all the lamps, because according to her they were to ugly. Well this was just the beginning, it gets worse, further we went shopping and somehow i lost emilie and i had this 80 year old guy that was stocking me, trying to feel me up. I was so scared cause there was so much people around and i couldnt move cause the wind was so strong. Well further on i manage to escape him and i come to some bus stop in warsaw.On my waythere I have to pass by this old building, and an old lady comes out saying ;"oh your just in time, nowwe will grill your face and eat it". I run away andsudenlythe old man is behind me again, this time he is throwing cheesecake and trying to stop me... OMG. I run, but the wind is strong, but finally i manage to escape and suddenly a car pulls up with 6 norewgians and my aunt, and I enter the car, crying i tell them that aman tried to rape me. The norwegians start laughing and my aunt says; christina I know your stressed about school, but its okay. Im like nooooo didnt you hear me right??
This dream was so crazy, I wonder what it means? Probably something like; you are psyko please see the psychiatric ward ASAP. Lol, but I think that when you sleep during the day your dreams are more weird, at least I dont lack fantasy....
Now im off to bed, tomorrow im going in early to practice taking blood, which means bus leaves at 7. OMG

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13.nov.2008 kl.00:20

utrolig kul en blogg du har!! :)

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