the celebration of the failure

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Weeknd is not over yet, but found out yesterday (not a supriise) that i failed patho. That means retake on friday (grrr) Well so to celebrate the failure, I went to spend some of my newly receives loan on some bs. Well I dont know what it is, but whenever you really cant shop you always find stuff you want, but whenever your actually looking, you cant find anything. Well I went by the newly opened topshop, and bought some panties (sexy sexy lol, when you cant be smart, gotta play it elseway lol) and a dark lilac/blackish nailpolish, real hot actually. Loaded also up on my favorite drink, green ice tea, cause tmow everythings gonna be closed. Now ima take a warm long bath and sleep like a baby, so I can wake up early and study my brains out. Btw sorry bout the crappy iphone pict, i gotta start using my cam instead. Hope yall had a super duper nice weekend!

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