Fab vs. smelly medicine

Today I was at the hospital, and all i can say is that its smelly, warm, i get so hot i cant breath start hyperventilating and have to leave the room. The patients smells like they have died and been brought back to life a year later. And coming home, I cant eat cause i feel like i have so much bacteria on me that if i eat ill be infected too. Well i guess thats hospital life here in poland. anyways today iv been reading parasitology (which is prob the most annoying subject in the world) If i wasnt sitting down with emile i would fall right asleep.
So why are we doing all this things putting ourselves through all endless hours of studying, practicing on smelly patiens, drinking cofee till ur so immune u dont even feel the coffein kicking in, smoking cigarettes cause ur so nervus, eating junk cause u dont have time to prep real fod, buying a 200zloty a month gym card, that u only use 3 times a month, cause u simply dont have any energy, partying and drinking ur system out cause u need to reeboot. How will I look in 4 years with this lifestyle, will prob end up alone and unmarried, but of course as a doctor, but with the looks of a monster. Hehe well hopefully its not gonna be that extreme. But really if one wants to become ugly i would strongly recommend studying medicine in warsaw!

Really what i dream of right now is;
-a nice beach
-sunset with someone special
-fabulous drinks in a hip n trendy bar
-red lips
-designer hand bags
-a nice tan
- strawberries dipped in warm choclolat
- living in a vinary in tuscany
-going to cuba, drinking mojithos and dancing salsa tills u cant speak or breath
-sitting in front of a fireplace with hot chocolat with whipped cream, seeing the first snow coming down outside
-sitting on a plane to somewhere far far away, not knowing what the future will bring
-eating choclat chip cookies and drinking milk

What I easily could be without:
-smelly hospitals
-boring warsaw
-cold weather
-angry polish people
-poland in general

So why am I really here, is it all worth it, this struggle to once in the future being able to call urself a doctor? Well i dont know, time will show. But one thing is sure, one time in the future i want to open a small cafe/restaurant with such an atmosphere and a warmth... well one can always dream

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