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Okay, so Im back from S, was funfun, little bit crazy though but all in all very good. The heavy drinking started already on the train (met 2 super sweet norweg blonde girls). And one thing is for sure, blonde girls knows how to have fun! Well after some hours with drinking, and playing music on the train, the people that go around and collect tickets came and were like "ehh what are u guys doing?" Its illegal to drink on trains in poland, why i dont know, peope drink so much everywhere else here. Well anyways we were like either we have to pay a ticket or we invite them in to drink with us, so we choose the last. Haha. Finally arriving in S, the partying continued, was at a club where there was norwegian stand up, cool and then there was some more dancing and drinking, and nite ended up with a kebab, lol. Well now im back in wawa and I have 2 days to learn some parasitology, well now i should freak out but I guess can always do it on the retake=)
Now ima go and buy some food, if not everything is closed, since its halloween. Hopefully its open and i dont have to starve to death. Tonite ima go to the church yard and see, its crazy imagine the biggest churchyard u have ever seen and 20 candles on each grave in every single color. Its so pretty and such a peaceful atmosphere. Ill take pictures so u can all see.
Hope you all have a super sunday!
Xoxox TINA

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