What to do?

Thank God, this way to long day is over. Have been at school for the whole day. WAs in the clinic in the morning, and micro now. After micro I went to wok to eat and catch up with Shamsa, it was so nice=) Now im trying to get into sleeply mode but I slept for 4 hours during the day, so no wonder im not tired. Now i just put aon a hair cure with the scent ofvanilla/caramel , smells so nice- Im gonna smell like a cake afterwards. Mmmm! Tmorw I am going in early to the hospital to learn how to take blood, I have done it before but I am not good. That means I have to leave here at 7 OMG. Well I am trying to decide what to do this weekend, I have two options

A. Stay in warsaw and study my ass off for the upcoming weeks two exams. This option may make me pass but the chances are still slim. And if I fail, I will have missed out on the other option(partying)

B. Go to Scztettin(or how u write it) on this ansa seminar. This option means party and drinking for three days, no reading and failing of the exams.Since Iv only opened my books one time I cannot rely on previous knowledge. So for this option, there will be a lot of retakes

So the dilemma is really, go for the fun or the boring? Hmm well I have until tomorrow to decide so we will see. What do u think??

Anyways tomorrow I am def going to the library afte clinics, now the anxiety n stress is starting to kick in..hmm not really who am i kidding im not stressed its all going to be good and fab of course!


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