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Well hello there! Today was crazy, had to wake up at 6,30 had clinics at 8 way out in a different part of warsaw. While we were standing by the patient with the doctor, i almost fell asleep, was awful, all i could think about was a big soft bed!! I even had a nightmare last nite, woke up all scared and ran in to the living room. I dont know whats with me and sleeping lately, but its weird. Well on the way home from psychology I got some indian takeaway and now iv been relaxing in front of the tv watching sex n the city. Today we talked about chronic diseases and the teacher was coomparing it with walking up a mountain and having to run into a lot of rocks on the way. Some people were like ehhh what does this have to do with diseases, lol I was just like; The mountain is life and the rocks are the diseases/problems. Hehe I guess some people have problems thinking outside the box, lol Have to head back for microbiology in half an hour, I so dont want to go out, its cold, just wanna stay inside and drink something warm and take a long nice shower. But i guess duty calls. 
Stay fab!

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28.okt.2008 kl.16:39

hey snuppa!
How you doing?? hvor har du kjøpt skinn jakka di? ikke Gina veeel? har da en som ligner veldig....
;) savner deg masse! håper du blir med til brasil til jul! <3
puss og kram <3

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