Holy shit!!!!

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F.... shit, I have never been this scared in my whole life! Excuse my language but this is f...! I was standing outside on the balcony smoking when i saw this thing approaching me, and i fear spiders soooo much. I have never seen a spider this big before, I prmise his/her legs were 5 cm long. I wanted to take a good picture, because he was insanly big, but I didnt dare to g more than 5 meters from it! So he or she might not look so big in the picture but trust me I have never seenanything like thisListen I am so scared now, am afraid this sucker is gonna come in the window, or something and attack me, shit. Like you dont understand, I am so afraid of spiders, like I would rather fail all my exams than to even be close to this thing. Omg I need a man here that can kill spiders, and all Im living with is emilie. What is she gonna do when this thing comes after me to attack, shes even sleeping!! God Im sooo scared, Im never setting my foot on the balcony again, and all the windows are gonne be closed here for the rest of the year!! Seriously I am shaking

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