Just another day

gym 059
Hung over from last nite, although it didnt go down to heavy. Was fun but people were way to drunk when we arrived at tortilla, from pub crawl (thing where one goes from bar to bar, drinking heavily and playing this crazy games usually involving taking off clothes or licking whipped cream of eachother) I didnt go this year so no wake up anxiety this morning for me=) Well I dont know what to do today but think Ima head over to arkadia and buy some pants that i put on hold yesterday and maybe some other chick things that makes you feel good whenever your hung over. Tomorrow is school and I have really no idea how that is gonna gp, been off for a week now, just partying, realxing, sleeping at 6 in the morning and now im supp to go to the clinics-wow=)
Think ima goto La Senza (a good victoria secret substitute) and shop something nice, my favorite store here in warsaw, cause everything is so pink and girlie and sexy n hot and i dont need to try things on, which i hate
Hope you all are having a nice day, the sun is shinig here in warsaw which does not happen everyday, so im happy!
Ill post pict later of my shopping spree. Have fun!


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