Roomate for sale!

Well well just woke up, had some pizza left over from last nite, missing my roomate that seems lost in space(can somebody please send her back to me?),When she was leaving me yesterday, I told her you better be back before 12 or ill send the police on you, she just laughed. I feel like a mommy that is waiting for her kid to come back home. I told her but if you stay here ill make a cake, but I guess she wanted somebody elses cake more. That hurts (lol!) Maybe i should advertise for "new roomate wanted?" Or maybe I should sell her on ebay? mohaaaaa

Anyways actually last nite I managed to go to bed before 5 in the morning which is a new one for me, and slept really good=) Now Im gonna hit the shower and get ready and go out for lunch. Tonight is party time again, seems like thats all peops do here in wawa. Will see if im up for that or if im gonna have my own party here, with me, myself and I.

Here are some pict of the good old times, before I decided to put her up for sale on ebay:
gym 075
gym 072
gym 079
gym 100
grekland 08 030
grekland 08 051

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