parasitology is tha shit

gym 043
We are studying in the livingrom; or ok emilie is studying and i am doing everything i can to avoid it, so i talk talk talk, gossip, talk some more, eat, drink, laugh and stare out our window,text people, and talk on the phoneOHHH i wanna go shopping, was at zara earlier and found soo much i want, so i think ima go back in an hour, when i am done with todays gossiping, might also open the book if i can manage. By the way does anyone know what "boller" is in swedish?? cause im trying to let emilie know what what i feel like eating , but she seems to not get it. Anyone??
gym 045
gym 039
gym 052
Emilie is feeling the love, not only for the pathology
gym 044
gym 046
At the salon earlier today, little sceptic, but turned out ok

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