Salad and watching norwegian top model

gym 038
Okay I have been AMAZINGLY fab today, I went an booked an appointment with the hair dresser for 11 o clock and then i hit the gym and i even made a sallad for dinner. My ultimate weight goal is 62, today I was 67, last week 69, so Im getting there. But the road is hard and there is alot of temptetions out there, cakes and chicken wings, and ice cream with chocolate saucerunning into me everywhere trying to tempt me saying " oh just one bite, wont hurt" And to tell you the truth I really am a sucker for temptation (when it comes to food). Well now im gonna try to search the web for some pictures of perfect blondes, that i can show to these polish hair stylists so that i dont end up looking hiddious. Wouldnt want that=) Stay fab!

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