sometimes love comes around...

A little to relaxed now

Been in bed the whole day with cramps (that time of the month) NOT FUN!! i get so sick that im laying in bed crying, running to the bathroom to throw up every minute, callig my mom to get her to feel sorry for me. Now 6 tablets of ibuprofen and 2 tablets of paracet later i feel OK. Maybe a little to ok because now im really relaxed, which is not good before the exam, maybe coofee? Something tells me i need stronger medicine also. I was told that the pain will not go away until i get my first baby. Hmmmm. Well somthing to look into=)
Good timing with the micro and all. Just made a chicken salad, and bought 3 choclates, 1 bag of chips and 1 ice cream. Im ready for an all nighter. Gotta do that now that i spent the whole day in bed. BTW passed that shit exam i had yesterday, which kinda is a good thing. Now hello house and food. Me like


Love this song; Jason Mraz and Colbie Calilat. I love Jasons music.'

An antioxidant bomb

Just made a smoothie from

+blueberries frozen- (anti cancer, anti aging, fight diseases.)
+strawberries fresh
+3 peaches
+1 banana
+mango yogurt
+orange juice

you can use honey if you want t sweeter

tastes so good! Now back to viruses, going to be a long nite. The exam today went not too well today. Was really hard.

A very different blog

I used to blog for United Nations (norway) some years ago (2005). So funny to read what i wrote now. Its cool that they still have it on their webpages. I was chosen of one of ten to blog on their web page that year. After a year of blogging there was a confrence where i met the other bloggers at the UN office in Oslo. It was a fun experience. I was very engaged in everything before, politics, womens rights so on. Was very active. My dream job in the future would be to work for the UN in some kind of way.

Check out the link, copy and paste:

Most beautiful songs from The Fray

My all time favorite song in the world; How to save a life by The Fray. I just love this song

Love this song from their new album. ME LOVE

PMS can die

today has been horrible, iv been crying for no reason, been sad depressed, then suddenly happy. Mood swings delux. Im getting warm then cold, sweating then freezing. My hormones are going crazy. My boobs are so numb i cant breathe without them hurting. PMS sucks. Im irritated, angry, sad, happy, feel dizzy, nauseous. I hate these few days a month, like i cant even recognize myself. Dont understand why my hormones decided to go to war the day before the exam.I want to eat burger king, mcdonalds, subway, hard rock and then head for ice cream and chocolate after. Self pity and binge eating is the best remedy for pms...hehe

pimp my iphone

Want to do something like this to my iphone, hello superglue and decorations. Haha sucks if you get tired of it then. Or if you spill superglue on the front...hmmmm I would decorate mine in white and pink pearls haha, but this one was pretty cool too. At least nobody will have the same iphone.


Downloaded season 5 of house yesterday. Now iv finished 14 episodes, im obsessed, watch it while im eating, reading and so on. I tell myself im learning something from watching..haha not, just to not feel so guilty.Gotta stop! been reading pathophysiology today, actualy going pretty ok, i think. Think im gonna focus on that today since it is tomorrow, and rather eave the micro for now. Been drinking 4 cups of coffee today, cant wait till exams are over, and i can go and whiten my teeth at the dentist, but then i have to stop with the cofee which sucks, cause im addicted. Ok back to reading!
Have a wonderful day

middle of nowhere

the apartment was located in the middle of nowhere, so i went up at 9 am for no reason. Sucks. Well iv decided that it might be cheaper to buy an apartment than rentig one. Cause the apartments im looking at now are around 2500-3000zl a month * 3 years= 180 000 norwegian kr at least. hmmm i really want to buy a trashed down apartment that i can totally renew. Build my own walk in closet and design the apartment just like i want it. I talked to an agent that is going to look around a bit now, so we will see.....

Bought a t shirt from fashion agaist AIDS on my way home. From H&M

And a set to make french manicure
french manicure kit

Now its time for Micro.Rock on!


Im hungry. Want to go shop at arkadia, but i cant. So i am thinking about roomservice or maybe zloty, hmmm. Wonder if roomservice uses the chip or det magnet strip. Hmmm or pizza hut..... And also i want chips and dip, and candy, and diet coke..... and i want to watch the hills in bed...or maybe download a movie.... good idea..what i dont want to do is to read a word more about acid base balance. Metabolic acidosis with resp compensation my ass.... and micro can screw itself too.
Tomorrow im gonna look at this apartment at 10am


Its 64m2, near the center, but i think it looks a bit too beige...its like one color all over the place...hmmm

everyone`s at it

12 hours of sleep, 2 cups of coffee, an omelette and a blueberry smoothie. Now im looking at apartments. I wish i was less picky. Think im going to go and look at one later today,will see. I found one apartment that i really liked, but when i called it was taken. I hate looking for apartments in this country, because 90 % of the people dont speak english, and when i call they just hung up on me. Rude. Well well now im going to read acid base balance for pathophysiology. Cant wait.

When i read i have to listen to music. I think i learn better when i have music on, maybe it stimulates the brain, so that I remember better.(or not) Or maybe i just get bored and give up if i dont have music, Weird. Right now im Lilly Allens song "everyons at it" that is on repeat. Love the lyrics

Ant this version of "ayo technology"

Hung over on a thursday

Yes I am finished with patho! Had the exam yesterday, and the results came up at like 10pm and i passed! Done with cancer for this time! Was not planning to go out at all yesterday, but when i found out about the happy news, I went straight for the drinks, OMG. hehe no didnt drink much, so it was fine. I just got up now, gonna make a blueberry smothie and watch the hills. Then i better start reading for the micro exam. I am such a night person, cannot do anything prductive during the day=(



World press exhibition

started the 8th of june-lasting until july 1st
at zloty terase

pretty emotional pictures





patho sucks and im stressed damn only 13 hours until exam. and i still have so much left to go over....

food monster

In the exam period there is not much time to make food. If i had a personal chef or if i had the time to make it myself, I would want to eat this.And yes if my credid card was not schizo i would order food from However it is so ill probably have to settle for a protein shake for dinner, haaha funny

Chicken tikka butter masala
Chicken satay

Or some maki


for desert i want



reading about skin cancer, and it is scary as hell. It was only first this year that iv been thinking seriously about putting on high sunscreen. I also used to go to the solarium before, but after i came back from brazili havent been there once. They totally ruin your skin. Here in poland they are so strong! Well im never going back there thats for sure. Hopefulle the damage is not done already. Now it is hello facor 30+ and nono to tanning all day long. Dont wanna end up with wrinkles before im 30 and cancer. If you have nevi, go check them out if they show signs of abnormality. The earlier diagnosis, the better prognosis. BTW norway is the leading country in europe when it comes to insidences of skin cancer. Stop going to the tanning salons, and buy self tan instead! Or just wait till the sun comes out in the summer and use high spf

A way to check your nevi for malignancies/changes is the ABCD rule:


If you see any changes, call your doctor!

MY favorite stuff:

VICTORIA SECRET LOVE SPELL-i have the entire serie here, and its so amazing. order at

AHAVA-body and hand creams

This is my ultimate favorite product in the whole world-buy online from states or england

new raspberry body butter11903126large

MY FAVORITE SMELL-------summer and raspberries.....mmmm

LIP BALM my favorite
aquasourcemoisturizingbalmprotectivelipcaresBIOTHERM LIP BALM, so good
nespressoessenzaMY NESPRESSO MACHINE, i drink like 7 cups a day, not to exaggerate! MY teeth are gonna fall out soon. Im so addicted, that if i stop for a day i will actually get hung over, unable to function at all that day!!! Psycho scary


01.57 is the time and my eyes are wide upen. Caffein is the word. I am such a nite person, can stay up all night and read and then sleep till 12 the next day. Tooday I managed to borrow 100 zloty to go and buy some food (cause my credit card has gone schizo!!).Hopefulle i will survive some days on this food, until my new card gets here. Maybe my credit card wants me to go on a diet! Cause it workes in all the non-food stores. Weird. More money for clothes, less for building up the stores of adipose tissue.
Well ima read the last chapter now, before i hit the bed. BTW I so wanna buy an apartment here; Zlota 44, but is not ready until 2010...
But they are le nice, and in the building there is a pool, lounge(yeah) suntanning area, gym, 24 hours service. Me LIKE!! !However the prices are a bit

Beta- carotene

Now that summer is coming up, some people are taking supplement beta-carotene to get a better tan. If you are a smoker, be careful about this, cause there is a significant incresed risk of developing lung cancer(i read somewhere that it is doubled). Men also have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer, when combining the two. So dont mix the two!!!!
However, both increased levels vitamin e and beta carotene have shown to decrease the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer.-in non smokers.
betakaroten naturkaps


just booked the plane tickets for london there and back for two people (me and a girl fried) for 800kr nice nice me like! Half way there then=)
The shitty wizz air plane will probably most likely fall down. wizz air sucks but they are cheap=) well they are kinda weird because the initial price was 0 kr then at the end after all there shitty taxes the price was 800. Even had to pay 200 just to pay with card (how the hell do u pay otherwise) STUPID but whatever.....

Now ima go over the last details of the inflammation chapter, then head for zzz land....

Gnite kisses TINA
tomorrow ima wake up early (meaning before 11)

HAPPY SONG----ME LIKE-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Summer 09 where i wanna go.....




LA (last time i was here was like 4-5 yrs ago, would be fun to go back now that im over 21)
North carolina (lived her some years ago and went to school) Wanna go back and visit my best friend MINA

And then places already decided
LONDON in 3 weeks KANYE WEST heart heart heart heart

KRISTIANSUND-spend most of my childhood here, white house near the church, but havent been here in some years.

Bad news

Didn't you know i was waiting on you
Waiting on a dream that'll never come true
Didn't you know i was waiting on you
My face turned to stone when i heard the news

When you decide to break the rules
Cause i just heard some real bad news

People will talk like its old news
I played it off and act like i already knew
Let me ask you how long have you known dude
You played it off and act like he's brand new

When you decide to break the rules?
Cause i just heard some real bad news
real bad news

Burger king diet

some stupid girl de magnitized my card, so i cant use it (the strip). That means i cant shop almost anywhere. Went everywhere on arkadia and the only place where they used the chip was burer king, lucky me! hello extra large double whopper!! i had diet coke so its fine=)
Good thing i love fatty food Bikini 09 here i come-the whale TINA

Wireless 2009 London Hyde Park !!!Kanye West!!!

Was looking at concert tickets last nite with Kanye west and came across the festival 4-5th of july in hyde park london. Just ordered the tickets now!!! cant wait!! Its gonna be: Kanye West, flo rida, young jeezy, kid cudi, alesha dixon ++++++++

I love kanyes music! And flo spin my head round round....mmmmmm


Now back to cancer reading, well at leat now i have something fun to look farward to....!

kisses happy TINA

I want!

carrera rush black palladiumresize



The new iphone that is suposed to come out this coming MONDAY. Nobody knows how its gonna be, but the cam is supposedly much better. I have the first one, and the cam there sucks. Need an upgrade! However dont think this third version of the iphone is gonna change too much.

A week in Marbella, Nikki beach

Me heart Kanye

Is it saturday today, i dont even know? messed up in the days when its exam period. Right now im laying in bed watching family guy and eating chips and chocolate. Read a bit today, however not enough.. Dont know how the exam is gonna go on wednesday, I have not been on top this year. Hopefully ill come back stronger next year. I am the master of doing everything else than studying. Even cleaning is more fun than reading. Shot. Been listening to Kanyes album 808 and heartbreak. I love his music and he is so talented. Love the mood of his newest album,it so honest, which probably reflects the fact that he lost his mother about a year ago and broke up with his fiancee.

here is a picture of his current girlfriend. Hello rebound! She is a former stripper and nude model. What is he doing with her??

My favorite song right now is "bad news"

Sleep tight

Oh happy friday

Friday way! happy for a second then i remembered I have to stay in all weekend to study patho. Getting kind of tired of cancer now! Well i guess I just have to suck it up! Had a test in lab medicine today, hmmm didnt go as well as i planned, but hopefully I passed! Now I gotta read up, so that i can have a looong summer! Just had an espresso so I give myself 1 hour before I collapse. Have a fun friday night !!


at this moment...

I am....eating salt and vinegar chips-sad because i am not supposed to-reading-falling asleep-trying to focus-wish a was on a beach eating strawberries-dreaming about the future-confused-need inspiration-wanna go out and dance-dont want time to pass by so quickly-want to feel alive-butterflies in my stomack-happiness-thinking about who I am and who I wanna be-thinking about ice cream-ok im heading for the fridge to get ice cream....

One of my favorite photos. Howerer not a nice story behind, read it a
palestinian protestors-May-world press- photographer; Kevin Fraye
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